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Brochures & Data Sheets

you still need sales literature!

Sure, potential customers can find out a lot about your company and your products on the internet.

BUT...What company/product information will you send out with proposals or quotations? When your sales force calls on potential customers, what will you give them make that positive first impression and explain what you offer? When you meet with potential investors and stockholders, what lasting impression will you leave in their hands?

In all these situations, professionally produced brochures and data sheets will help you expand your business. If you have a website, a great deal of the work is probably already done; it's just a question of taking your existing marketing message and reshaping it for a print layout.

you REALLY need sales literature!

Even a simple tri-fold brochure, professionally prepared and printed, will improve your credibility and serve as a reminder of the benefits of your product or service. The good news is that, with recent improvements in the commercial printing process, good printing has become very affordable – even for small print runs of 200 or 400.

The Development Process

Sales literature is all about impressions - first impressions and lasting impressions. I have helped many small but growing companies polish their image with high-impact sales literature. I'll write copy which clearly explains the basic features and benefits of your product or service, and I'll provide photography or other graphics to reinforce your message. And finally I'll put it all together in a professional layout, ready for commercial printing.

brochure for Upstate NY manufacturer

white paper for Rochester manufacturing and engineering company
catalog for local machine design shop

data sheet for Upstate NY electronics company
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