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Fast, Innovative and Affordable Marketing Expertise for Your Growing Business

  • professionally designed websites
  • commercial and industrial photography services
  • professional brochure layout and graphic design
585.880.9847 | pmillerweb@gmail.com

Website Design

How does your website look on a tablet? A smartphone? A desktop monitor? If your site doesn't play well with these different devices, you could be losing business! I can help you with a new, responsive website design that always looks great on any device.

Don't settle for a "cookie-cutter" website that looks like hundreds of others; your company is one of a kind, and your website should reflect that! Visit Website Design >

Professional Photography

Need professional product shots, industrial process or manufacturing imagery, employee photos, landscape photography, building shots, enhanced screen grabs?

With Nikon digital hardware and Adobe professional imaging software, I deliver stunning images with optimized color and fidelity for commercial printing, tradeshow graphics, or use on your website. Complete photo retouching services also available. Visit Photography >

Brochures and Data Sheets

A professionally-designed product sell sheet or company capabilities brochure can still stimulate sales - whether in traditional printed format or as a digital download. Commercial digital printing is surprisingly affordable, even in small print runs of 200 or 400.

Let me help you leave a lasting impression with crisp copywriting, photography and graphic design, as well as professional layout services. Visit Brochures >